BurnerMap helps you find your fabulous friends on the playa!

The folks who brought you BurnerMap love Burners and Burning Man so much we just had to do more!

Please welcome BurnerLove!

‘BurnerLove’ aims to help Burners find out more about other Burners, cool projects, insider news and gossip as well as exploring and cultivating the Burner spirit that makes Burning Man so goddamn fucking awesome I giggle like a teenage girl just thinking about it.

BurnerLove aims to be the TigerBeat of Burning Man.  With your help and advertising support from Sony Records and L’Oreal Cosmetics we’ll be launching a Burner-based Boy Band into the charts and giving a little pat on the back to your eating disorder and negative body image…BurnerLove – Fuck Yeah!

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Great site and great idea! If you are interested in doing an interview on one of the C.O.R.E. projects for 2012 I am the Regional Contact for Saskatchewan and we have a great project called Bison Filed on the go for it. Check out the website for a few more details.

    • Jackie,

      I’ll check it out thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out…I love the CORE project and we have an interview coming up with another CORE project going on down south of y’all…

  2. Hello Troy or to whom it may concern,
    I don’t want to spam your comments. I’m using this as a contact form, since you moderate the comments, please delete after reading.

    We have a wonderful project for Burning Man 2012. It’s called the Serendipity Outpost. It is an interactive gift giving experience. It also celebrates Serendipity in all it’s wonderful manifestations.

    We have a Kickstarter campaign going and , as of today, we have 9 days left to raise $3700. Please check out what we are doing and if it resonates with you we’d love a wee shout out about it!


    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

    Sincerely Alicia & the Serendipity Crew!

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