Following Burning Man on the Twitter

Following Burning Man on the Twitter is like biking in the deep playa at night and finding a small art installation.  You take a break, drink some water and say 140 characters worth of words about the art:

“Wow, that’s kinda cool. Amazing what you can do with an old Walkmen, airplane glue, a couple LEDs and a mannequin.”

After about 5 minutes you bike off to find the guy who serves sorbet and scrambled eggs every 3am somewhere near the trash fence.

Worth the effort with the occasional gem, but lets not get too excited.

BurnerLove has compiled the Top Sixteen Burning Man related Twitter accounts for your pre-Sorbet convenience:

  • @consumptionblog – The 24 hour news source for all things Burner
  • @BurnerMap – Helping you find for friends on the playa for almost one year.
  • @BurningMan – The 3rd most important Burning Man related twitter feed.
  • @willchase – Burning Man’s official propagandist and cool dude
  • @bmanproject – Official Twitter of the BurningMan 501©3 non-profit
  • @burncast – Burning Man News, Entertainment and Awesomeness.
  • @burnersdotme – Opinionated, compulsive reading for BurningMan news junkies
  • @katparry – Awesome Burner photography and stuff
  • @maryannehobbs – How else will you know what dubstep to enjoy?
  • @Aggerscricket – Aggers! Cricket, the official sport of Burning Man
  • @DaysToTheBurn – What it says on the tin.
  • @Halcyon and @HugNation – We love you!
  • @BAR_Mag –  A great new inspired Burning Man magazine
  • @JustinJones – Traveller, writer, and Burner
  • @ablaze – Burning Man blog writer
  • @M4RQ – Awesome DJ from Decadent Oasis

There are a plethora of great twitter accounts that cover aspects of Burning Man.  If we missed you, well…kisses…Post your account in the comments.


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