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5 Ways to Make Life More Like Burning Man

by Troy Dayton and Steve Bearman  (co-posted on the Interchange Counseling Institute Blog) photo by Peter Kaminski So you’ve been to the playa, and you’ve seen the promised land – the promise of freedom, of self-expression, of immediacy and creativity and … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Maximize Personal Growth at Burning Man (or anywhere)

by Steve Bearman, Ph.D. and Troy Dayton (T. Dazzl)   Ordinary reality is not designed with personal growth in mind.  If you like conformity, competition, or pretense, then ordinary reality is a great place to be! If what you’re interested in … Continue reading

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Show Your Burner Love: Ticket Contest

I’ve got two highly coveted front row tickets to Burning Man that are burning a hole in my pocket.   I want you and your favorite partner in crime to have them at face value $395. If you post a video … Continue reading

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Don’t Have Sex In Your Tent

Hopefully, the following will happen to you this burn:  You will have a moment with someone(s) that sends chills down your spine.  You’ll look deep into each others eyes and have one of those devouring kisses that begs for further … Continue reading

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Burning Man Is Not About Being “Nice”

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi Burning Man may seem like all rainbows, hugs, and candy-canes….but it’s much more textured than that. My good friend Little Spoon (Micah … Continue reading

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Burning Man: In 2 Sentences or Less

People are always asking me what Burning Man is. Over the years I’ve played around with various responses to this perennial unanswerable question. It’s such an ineffable experience.  I run into similar challenges when describing the psychedelic experience.  Have you … Continue reading

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Why Are You REALLY Going to Burning Man?

Burn So Happy Every Tuesday, get your weekly dose of transformational nectar to prepare your wings to hum with freedom at the burn and beyond.  “Burn So Happy” is brought to you by Troy Dayton a.k.a “T. Dazzl” who is … Continue reading

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