Consumption Blog: The Story So Far

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The story so far…

With The Burn literally days away many of you are only now starting to bring Burning Man into your thoughts.  Since the end of last years Burn many exciting developments have happened.  Don’t worry dear Burners, Consumptionblog has been on top of it.  Here is a quick executive summary to get you up to speed with all things Burning Man just in time for Burning Man 2012:  ‘Wild West’

Lets begin at the beginning shall we?

  • For the first time in modern Burning Man history Hippies overtook Ravers as the dominate cultural force on the playa.

“You can’t Rave to Beats Antique”

ATTN Virgin Burners to Rule #3 of the new ticket lottery rules:
3. The #1 Burner Draft Picks of each Burning Man Corp. Director will be awarded the right of ”’primae noctis” with any virgin Burners they choose during the event.

  • It’s official, Sex and Community are now official threats to Burning Man’s continued existence.

    The Burn is Fucked!

  • Worried about the Zombie Apocalypse ruining your Burn?  Don’t.

Please stay tuned – Consumptionblog is currently working on several stories we believe will shake the Burning Man community to it’s CORE Project.

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