Don’t Have Sex In Your Tent

Love Beds photo by Spider Rick

Hopefully, the following will happen to you this burn:  You will have a moment with someone(s) that sends chills down your spine.  You’ll look deep into each others eyes and have one of those devouring kisses that begs for further action.  Then, in the heat of anticipation, you need to decide where you will become animals with each other.

Don’t be a boring lover and take them back to your tent.  That’s sooo “default world.”

Way to impress her, dude.

My motivation in telling you this is that I’m trying to help you fulfill a likely fantasy of having the most memorable and adventurous sex of your life.

Regardless of where you are on the playa, numerous people within a block or two of you have spent months planning and creating the most romantic and sexy places…just for you.  Their hard work and dedication will be for naught if those spaces remain empty while you are getting sweaty on a blowup mattress that makes a decidedly unsexy sound when it rubs up against the sides of your tent.

Think about it.  You could pop your tent up in your living room and be in the exact same setting.  Boring.

If this is true (which it is), why is there not usually a line of people waiting to hook-up in these amazingly sexy nooks and crannies?

1. Inertia/convention
In default world, when it’s time to hook up you generally just go back to one of the partners’ homes.  Unlike Burning Man, the average city does not have sex palaces just waiting for strangers to hook up in them. This is one of the greatest unique gifts of Burning Man but you need to know its an option.  That’s why I’m telling you.

2. Presumed need for privacy
Even if you don’t need privacy, people often assume their partner does and since most people are just terrible about having frank conversations about needs and fantasies this question often doesn’t come up.  If you don’t need privacy — there is always the Orgy Dome. (Check out this video about Orgy Dome and maybe even slip a bill in their fishnets to help them expand this year.)

Inside the famed Orgy Dome

Inside the famed Orgy Dome








And, even outside your tent, privacy is still an option.   There are places on the playa that have fully decked out private hotel-like yurts and numerous little private nooks made perfectly for your carnal pleasures.  Not sure if they are there this year, but Ashram Galactica is one of these places (although you need reservations at this one).

A suite at Ashram Galacta

There are also lots of semi-private spaces.  These are places where people can tell that someone is hooking up in there if they look at the right angle…but its not like getting jiggy on a stage.

Then there are places that are much more open, which for some has a particularly intensifying appeal.

Dome Sweet Dome photo by Littlewoo


Photo by Molly Tomlinson of

3.  Not sure if it’s OK with the creator of the space

Maybe you see that perfect place to hook up but its hard to tell if it’s for general use or just for people in that camp or even just for the people that made it.   Generally speaking, I say go for it.  Unless the space is buried deep off the public part of the camp and there are not a lot of personal items like someone would keep in their main sleeping space, chances are its been built for you to connect in.    If there are people around it that look like they are part of the camp, ask them.   Too many desirable places like this are left empty because people are too shy to ask or just hop in.  Also, there are some camps that look like they have great places to hook up in but are explicitly non-sexual and are for cuddling or sleeping. Please be courteous of their intent.

4.  Lack of pre-planning

Often these places are tucked away and hard to find on purpose.  I make it a point to know of at least 4-6 places all over the playa where there are awesome places to hook up so that when the moment arises, we don’t have to start looking then.  There are a number of ways to do this:
1.  Make it a point in your daily travels, particularly in the few blocks surrounding your camp, to find a places that you like.  Introduce yourself to the camp leaders and ask what the story is with the space.  On more than one occasion, the person told me it is not a public space but that they’d give me special permission use it if it was free when I wanted it.
2.  Look in the “What Where When” and the camp list.  Usually if a camp is sex-themed, there will be places made to do it there.  But I highly recommend checking it out before bringing someone there in the heat of the moment because a lot of these places, while sex-themed, are decidedly unsexy or are just not open for people at that time.
3.  Mark these places on your Burner Map, so you can always see where the nearest sexy place is, should a situation arise where it’s needed.

Especially if you are using someone else’s space, make sure you have Leave No Trace Sex.  That means putting a towel or jacket down if possible and not leaving wrappers, etc.  If someone can tell after you are gone that someone had sex there, then you have failed to leave no trace.

It’s important to note that having sexual relations in public (ie. in plain site of unsuspecting passerby’s) is technically illegal on the playa.  The fact that it is illegal may or may not make you more likely to be turned on by it. : )

Should you decide to break the rules and have sex in open playa at night, please make sure you are very visible to anybody in a vehicle otherwise you could be run over.  Even if pain is your thing, there is no “safe word” for a couple thousand pound vehicle blaring dubstep at 2 am.

I hope you have the juiciest hottest sex of your life in a setting that is as grand and beautiful as the person(s) you are sharing it with.

Leave your hot stories of unique places you’ve hooked up at on the playa in the comments section.

“T. Dazzl” is a longtime burner and BurnerMap co-founder.  Want more?  Check out “5 Ways to Maximize Personal Growth at Burning Man”.

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34 Responses to Don’t Have Sex In Your Tent

  1. Dear Troy,

    You are such a helpful (and prepared) Boy Scout. When you come visit our Burner/HeebeeGeebee inspired Center here in Costa Rica I promise to show you the hidden places in the surrounding rainforest and the platforms in the trees where you and a friend can get jiggy. For those who like an audience there are places where the monkeys can watch. You just have to be prepared for a lot of noise if you inspire the whole troop to go whooping and crashing through the trees chasing each other. I know you are up to the challenge though. Much jungle love,
    David Magichands

  2. gazelle says:

    I love you, Troy.

  3. bernard says:

    Don’t tell me what to do!

  4. Penrose Don Ricardo says:

    Year before last my new friend and I walked through the Ashram Galactica crowd and noted that there was so much attention on the party and the dancing and the upcoming room lottery no one was paying attention to the rooms. I untied a tent flap and we went in and admired it very much, and tied the flap behind us and continued to admire it for a very pleasant hour or so. I think we were seen but they decided to leave us to it. No worries, I straightened up afterwards.

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh my!!! I have yet to attend burning man and in fact am still working on making this year’s event. Your writing is spectacular Troy and this article absolutely thrills me! Thank you for having such wild experiences so that I can daydream the magic. Love this blog! Can’t wait until I can indulge in the burn myself and better relate to your exciting writing.

  6. Chirp says:

    Please don’t have sex in cozy theme camp places that aren’t specifically sex camps. Just because there are pillows or comfortable places to snuggle, doesn’t mean that it’s there for you to fuck upon. Please be considerate of other people who have to use the space after you (and think about putting your mucous membranes on a spot where who knows what else has been on it or the last time it was cleaned).

    • Hotbox says:

      THANK YOU! We have a rowdy bar and a great shaded area with mounds of pillows and little quiet corners that we just love, but our camp is our HOME and being open and welcome doesn’t mean we appreciate people using our livingroom for gettin’ freaky.

    • Troy says:

      Thanks Chirp. Note that I updated the post in response to your and others comments about similar concerns.

  7. Cory... says:

    Last BM I had a wonderful experience on the Narwal (uh whale/boat) art car. It was around 2am and a friend of mine had popped by my camp to have a little fun. So after a short walk to center camp and some late night coffee, we started looking for places to get down. Well one of the theme camps around center camp happened to have this giant Narwal art car out front. So it being late on monday night and most of the place looking dead, we decided to climb up into the captain’s cabin of the “ship”. After about 20mins of fun, we start to hear voices circling the art car. As it turns out one of the people from the camp was giving a tour to a friend of their Narwal ship, only to find us fucking in there! What happened next made the whole experience so much more memorable… The two ladies got onto of the captain’s cabin and started rocking the ship back and forth for us. Then after all was said and done, the lady sand us two songs about her Narwal ship as my friend and I got our clothes back on… One of the greatest moments of BM for me!

  8. Doug Sanford says:

    My partner and I once elected to find a new public sleeping area for each night we were on the playa. The hook-ups were amazing, the people we met the morning after were terrific and hospitable, and the walk of “shame” back to our own camp toting our pillows and toothbrushes, was far more of a parade of pride. Thanks Troy!!

    • Troy says:

      Thanks for sharing Doug. I did the same thing a for a few years. My goal was to never sleep in my tent. It was awesome. And the best thing was waking up to the sunrise. I’m thinking of doing a follow-up post called, “ADVANCED: Don’t Sleep In Your Tent” In fact one year, I didn’t even set my tent up.

      • Puppy says:

        That’s great!! Troy, please do write that follow up! I haven’t had a designated “camp” for three years now and have LOVED IT! This year I’m bringing two newbies so I’ve really gotten neck deep in creating a camp space for them but I still plan on encouraging them to SLEEP ELSEWHERE! Not in a Fuck off, kind of way. More of a GO experience! kinda thing. 😀

  9. Luna says:

    Thank you for this article, Troy! I haven’t been aware of how to find these places, and when stumbling upon them I’ve been the shy person uncertain whether they were for public use. I will definitely make some good use of your advice! 😉

  10. Bear says:

    So rad dude. So Amber sent me this link with a provocative title — enthralled in it and rocking out and BOOM it’s you on the bottom. Had no idea. Love that. Especially because you probably wrote it from my apartment… Or even my Bed!

  11. Rishi says:

    My favorite line: “there is no “safe word” for a couple thousand pound vehicle blaring dubstep at 2 am”. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to anyone.

  12. wild says:

    What ever happened to on the playa?

    No better way to break in a virgin.

  13. " says:

    I was once part of a scene right in the middle of the dance floor while Bassnectar was spinning (2007). Having sex while standing takes a bit more talent, and the result was super hot, for me, my partner and her lover! Not to mention the many people on the dancefloor who got a live porn show!

  14. anna says:

    after getting a little hot and heavy on a dance floor, my partner and i decided to find a cozy spot for two. We wandered across the playa and every spot we came across occupied by a gaggle of passed-out burners. Just before sunrise, we discovered a red-curtained dome playing eerie music. no one was awake to ask, but it was vacant and sexy as hell, so we went for it. Afterward, a yip yip leaned in the entrance and gave us his approval (“uh huh”). we walked out into the sun and saw the sign outside “twin freaks. population 2”! I never met the camp to ask why they made it, but i know it was made for us

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  17. Jesse says:

    I’m going to take you up on the advice in the comments to find a new place to sleep many nights, sounds amazing!
    In a more related note, please do make sure it is cool with where you are… having a wrapper, and its contents, drop from the cargo netting lounge space over our dance floor, and land in someone’s drink wasn’t the most fun.

  18. BurnerAG says:

    The name is “Ashram Galactica” (not “Ashram Galacta”) and the proper website address is:

  19. Ember says:

    Righto. We’re camping with said Orgy Dome, hope to see you there! ;o)

  20. Supacow says:

    So a few year ago our camp built a hexagon shade structure with hammocks on each side ON the Esplanade as a memorial to a camp mate that had passed.. . Though it was not our intent, there was not one night that passed that at least one of the hammocks did not have some one couple getting busy in it practically at all times.. It was a fitting tribute to our departed friend, I know he would have approved.

    Not to mention just about everyone in our camp used one of the hammocks at one time or another…
    The playa provides!!

  21. Nasty Barbie says:

    Would love to know the names of the getting it on friendly! Looked on TIme to Burn site but most of the camps do not say much. Please someone post them?!

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